Children's Dentistry

Children Dentist

Most of the children are afraid and get panic when they come to know that they have to visit a dentist in case of dental disorders. One may notice the fear factor is high in such children. Since they are too young to understand things and immature, it is the moral duty and responsibility of a parent to clearly understand and explain their child.

Why Children Dentist?

A childs teeth is more different from an adults teeth and requires more care and attention. When a child attains the age of 5 and above, teeth start building gradually and grows to the full extent until they attain 12 years of age. During this growing period, a child may come across various dental disorders commonly like tooth decay, discolored tooth and many such dental complications. In such circumstances they require an extra ordinary treatment. Hence the children dentist comes into the picture who is specialized in children oral care. The children dentist carefully studies the child dental history and takes the first step towards oral treatment.

We at Sunrise Pediatric Dentistry are fully devoted to childs care and safety. Your childs oral health is our main concern and we take all best possible efforts to make your childs visit truly memorable which they will cherish for a long time. We as a family treat your child as our own children and our children dentist take great pride in training and offering the best services for years to come. You can call us at 916-863-7336 to fix an appointment and we are open from Monday to Thursday from 8:00 A.M. To 5:00 P.M. You can drop in to our office along with your child and we are based at Fair Oaks.

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