Phosphor Plates are used to take digital images of teeth. Our office has chosen this system rather than the bulky sensor-based systems that have a wire hanging outside the mouth, or from the traditional X-ray films that required higher levels of radiation. These Digital Radiographs have plates that are sized appropriately for children. They are thin, flexible, and are considered to be the most comfortable in the dental field. We strive to take only the necessary films needed. Instead of taking 10-15 films, we typically obtain all the necessary information in four films. These films are generally recommended just once a year. We also have a Digital Panorex machine that is a two-dimensional dental x-ray displaying both the upper and lower jaws and all of the teeth. It detects unseen concerns by showing missing or extra teeth, cysts or tumors, and numerous other issues that are not visible on standard films. The Panorex is considered to be our Full Mouth Series and is recommended every 3-5 years. It is a favorite among our patients and parents. It rotates around the head rather than in the mouth and is interesting to view, as it shows the teeth that are beneath the primary dentition as well as a skeletal view of the facial anatomy.

Our office uses state of the art sterilization to ensure patient safety. Sterilization and disinfection are the basic steps in instrument processing and surface asepsis. Sterilization refers to the use of a physical or chemical procedure to destroy all forms of microorganisms, including the highly resistant spores.

We use Rapid Steam Autoclave at 275º F(35psi), for 15-20 minutes.

First, the instruments are prepared for the sterilization process. Patient debris and fluids are removed by placing the instruments in 3.2% glutaraldehyde for 40 minutes .Following this pre-disinfection step the instruments are transferred to an ultrasonic cleaner for another 15 minutes .Then the instruments are rinsed, dried, placed in self sealing sterilization pouches and sterilized in the autoclave. Instruments which can not be heat sterilized, are immersed in 2% glutaraldehyde for 10 hours to cold sterilize.

We use Biological, Chemical and Mechanical indicators to monitor our sterilization process.

Using bacterial spores to monitor the sterilization process is referred to as biologic monitoring (or spore-testing), and the bacterial spores used for monitoring the sterilization process are referred to as biologic indicators (BIs). Of the three methods, biologic monitoring is regarded as the most valid for monitoring the sterilization process, for it uses live, highly resistant bacterial spores. We biologically monitor our sterilizer once a week to ensure complete sterilization using spore strips and keep accurate records for our monitoring. These strips are enclosed in a glassine envelope and processed through the sterilizer. They are then sent to our spore testing center where they are tested for live spores.

Chemical monitoring involves using chemical indicators (CIs) that change color or form when exposed to specific high temperatures or to the sterilizing conditions within a sterilizer. This is referred to as chemical monitoring (or process monitoring). We use sterilization pouches that have special marking that change color when subjected to sterilizing temperatures.

Mechanical monitoring involves observing and recording the physical aspects (e.g., temperature, pressure, or time) of the cycle when the sterilizer is being operated. Our Sterilizer is serviced regularly to ensure proper functioning.

– As recommended by OSHA and CDC our office staff wears protective eyewear, mask, and new gloves for each patient. For each patient light covers, head rest covers, suction tips, air water syringe tips , bibs and any item used that cannot be sterilized are discarded.

Disinfectants – These are used on chairs, counter tops, and other surface areas in all treatment rooms after each use.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of safety and comfort for our staff and patients. We are committed to staying current with the latest in infection control and sterilization guidelines. You can feel confident that your child’s health is protected in our office.

Our office provides a variety of entertainment for our patients and family members during their visits. A favorite is the “Game Cave” hosting multiple X-Box stations. We also have movies playing on the ceiling above each patient chair, and in the waiting room as well. Additionally, we do have a play area that has an array of puzzles, and other fun activities & toys.

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